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Exploring the cell nucleus with single molecule resolution.


05-17-2022: Lab cleaning and Pizza - also time for an updated group photo.

05-13-2022: Ganesh and Filmon + Jonah presented posters at our first Biophysics Research Day.

05-01-2022: Congratulations to Hazel and Salmana, our latest LASURI Award winners! Hazel also received an Honors College Research Grant to support her Capstone Thesis work.

03-18-2022: Joined group dinner at Momo World with Jose Alvarado's group (UT Austin). Thanks for visiting!

01-10-2022: Danial officially joins the lab as a Physics graduate student. Welcome to the team! A new slate of undergraduate researchers joins as well. Welcome, Hazel, Ramez, and Salmana!

12-29-2021: Ganesh and Alisha wrote a chapter on single molecule imaging for Characterizing properties of biomolecular condensates below the diffraction limit in vivo that will be published as part of a forthcoming Methods in Molecular Biology volume on Phase-separated Biomolecular Condensates. Jan co-edited the volume with Huan-Xiang Zhou (UIC Chemistry) and Priya Banerjee (UBuffalo). Stay tuned for updates on the publication of this book.

12-14-2021: We are honored and excited to receive support from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and Research Corporation for Science Advancement through not just one but two of 24 individual Scialog: Chemical Machinery of the Cell awards! A collaboration with Masha Kamenetska (BU) and Lu Wang (Rutgers) will explore how subtle sub-molecular modifications change macroscopic collective behavior of biomolecules at the cellular level. In a second project with Stephen Yi (UT Austin) we will investigate the molecular basis of dominant protein mutations in inheritance.

12-10-2021: Congratulations to our graduates Emma and Kasia!

11-19-2021: Ganesh presented his chromatin super-resolution imaging results at the CBQB Research Day.

11-01-2021: Jonah joins the team as a M. Sc. student in Bioinformatics. Welcome!

09-09-2021: New seminar series at UIC: We are hosting a bi-monthly interdepartmental Biophysics Seminar with a mix of student and faculty speakers. Email Jan if you would like to receive notifications or present your work!

09-01-2021: After more than a year of operations we finally had our first in person lab meeting!

08-06-2021: Our new Bruker Vutara super-resolution microscope is finally up and running! All boxed up, but so powerful!

07-01-2021: The NIH is funding our collaboration with Dr. Kenter's lab (UIC Immunology)! We received an NIAID R21 award to study chromatin topology in the Igh locus!

05-18-2021: A perspective piece on chromatin organization in the immune system has been published in Frontiers in Immunology: Igh Locus Polymorphism May Dictate Topological Chromatin Conformation and V Gene Usage in the Ig Repertoire It is part of a collection on Multi-Dimensional Genomic Structures in the Immune System

05-14-2021: It's been a while since the last update. Most of the lab is fully vaccinated and we are ready for a productive summer! Welcome to the lab, Alisha and Gianna!

09-21-2020: Exciting weeks! A lot of our big equipment has arrived and we moved into our newly renovated lab space. Filmon, Aishwarya, Nayeli, and Kasia are joining the lab. Welcome!

08-31-2020: Summer is almost over. We had a small group symposium (and donuts). Hannah and Harsha are heading back to UIUC and Ben joins the lab.

08-07-2020: The Chromatin Club wrote a Technology Review - read it here at Mol Cell!

07-31-2020: Jan has been selected as a Fellow for Scialog: Chemical Machinery of the Cell!

06-25-2020: Proudly presenting: The inaugural Spille Lab roster!

06-16-2020: Our first day back in the lab! Noel (Physics) joined us just in time for the (re-)opening. A big thank you to Earth and Environmental Sciences for providing us with a home while our space is getting renovated.